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Biotinylated Glycoproteins
  • Ready-to-use glycoprotein conjugates for examining glycoconjugates using the Biotin-Avidin System

  • Prepared from high-quality glycoproteins

  • Labeled glycoproteins are virtually free of unconjugated biotin

Order Information

Product Content Amount Cat. No. Price [€] Info MSDS
BSA-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152000 59 Description English
Asialofetuin-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152010 89 English
Fetuin-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152020 89 English
Horseradish Peroxidase-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152030 109 English
Glucose Oxidase-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152040 89 English
Porcine Thyroglobulin-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152050 89 English
Ovalbumin-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152060 89 English
Transferrin-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152070 89 English
α1-Glycoprotein-Biotin Conjugate 5 mg 152080 139 English


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