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Veterinary Drugs
EU Legislation: Analytical Zero Tolerance
In the EU residues of veterinary drugs in food are subject to strict regulations. Authorised substances and their maximum residue limits (MRL) are listed in regulation 37/2010. The annex lists unauthorised substances such as chloramphenicol and nitrofurans. An analytical zero tolerance applies for substances listed there.

Requirements of Authorities for Official Control of Foodstuffs
In terms of safety we have covered all loopholes regarding analysis. We provide methods for more than 200 active substances in all matrices of animal origin und feeding stuff. The methods are accredited, validated and fulfil the minimum required performance limits (MRPLs) according to the decision of the EU commission 2002/657 as a basis for official control of foodstuffs.

Use our broad experience in the analysis of veterinary drugs.

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