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Tea - Herbs - Pharmaceutical Drugs - Spices
Mastering Difficult Commodities
Play it safe: pesticides analysis in complex matrices with GALAB Pesticides 500Plus®. Caffeine, essential oils or capsaicin are typical matrix components in tea, herbs and spices and impede chromatography. The clean-up for spices, tea and herbs is an innovative methodical concept to minimise the impact of these substances and at the same time increases sensitivity of target compounds.
Sample Preparation and State-of-the-Art Technique
Sample preparation is of utmost importance and a major key to analytical success. For detection we consequently rely on tandem mass spectrometry for liquid and gas chromatography because reliability comes first.


25.08.2015 | Effective of 1th July 2015, the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) has modified interim levels for residues of perchlorate in dried herbal and fruit infusions. read more