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Our Analytics
After analysis of food and feed samples we verify the compliance of legal residue limits and specifications. In this we act holistically by considering all influencing factors. We provide an accuracy, a broad range of analytical methods and competent consulting and evaluation regarding food and feed law.
From Apple to Zucchini
We are your laboratory if you need pesticides analysed in fruit and vegetables as well as veterinary drugs in meat and feed samples. We have the suitable analytical methods for your commodities of plant and animal origin.
Specific Requirements
Whether dietary foods like baby food or organic products - we cover the whole range of analyses for your products. Our customer service is happy to support you to ensure all-round safety for you and to avoid unnecessary analyses. Get in touch!


Our Team at the new Site
03.07.2015 | A couple of years ago, in 2010, we decided to establish a crucial analytical component for control of food quality and safety – our microbiology department. read more

Our Team at the new Site
10.10.2014 | Sensory testing is defined as an analysis using human senses. Apart from chemical-physical tests, sensory tests are an important tool for quality assurance and quality control of foods and their packaging. read more