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  1. Contaminants
    1. Inorganic Arsenic
    2. Arsenic Speciation
    3. Dioxins
    4. Elements/Heavy Metals
    5. Glycoalkaloids
    6. Mycotoxins
    7. Nicotine
    8. Organic Tin Compounds
    9. PAH
    10. PCB
    11. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids
    12. Tropane Alkaloids
    13. Plasticisers/Phthalates
    14. other contaminants

Chlorobenzenes and PCBs belong to the typical environmental contaminants. By now they are ubiquitous and can be detected even in the remotest areas. They are very stable in the environment and accumulate in the food chain.

Food is a major source for these contaminants. Not only feed is affected but also natural pasture land. The animals ingest these substances with their feed and an accumulation in meat, kidney and liver takes place.

You promise your discerning customers premium goods. We analyse the whole chain - starting with soil via feed to raw materials of animal origin.

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