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  1. Contaminants
    1. Inorganic Arsenic
    2. Arsenic Speciation
    3. Dioxins
    4. Elements/Heavy Metals
    5. Glycoalkaloids
    6. Mycotoxins
    7. Nicotine
    8. Organic Tin Compounds
    9. PAH
    10. PCB
    11. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids
    12. Tropane Alkaloids
    13. Plasticisers/Phthalates
    14. other contaminants

Other Contaminants
Food may be contaminated in various ways.
These may be due to environmental exposure or factors during the production process like in the case of acrylamide or furan.

Melamin and Sudan dyes are associated with unauthorised application. They feign certain qualities of the food and are very often harmful.

Lately the focus is on packaging material as a source of contamination. Apart from the major components of the packaging, coatings, printing inks and stabilisers are a source of contamination for the food.

We analyse food for undesired contaminations from the packaging material. We also analyse the used packaging material.