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Determination of Organic Tin Compounds
Since 1990 GALAB is working on the quantitative analysis of metal-organic compounds. The developed methods were employed for national and international standardisation methods and for certification of reference materials. The methods are validated for the analysis of food, consumer goods and environmental samples. By regularly participating in European interlaboratory studies we prove the efficiency of our accredited methods of determination.

Principles of the method: the method identifies and quantifies organic tin compounds of the structure RnSn(4-n)+ (R = butyl, n = 1 to 4; R = octyl, n = 1 to 2; R = phenyl, n = 3; R = tricyclohexyl, n = 1) in different matrices. Textiles, carpets, sanitary products or baby nappies are extracted according to the EDANA protocol and safely determined using capillary gas chromatography and AED detector.