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Products from Organic Farming
Organic? Of course!
1.8 million farmers in 162 countries are cultivating more than 37 million hectares of agricultural land organically (souce: FiBL, 12.02.2013). The demand for organically cultivated foodstuffs increases every year.
Advantages of organic farming are obvious: since no chemical or synthetic fertilizers are applied, emissions adverse to climate are reduced and our environment is protected. Synthetic plant protection agents are not applied, therefore healthy and uncontaminated food can be consumed. No growth promoters or antibiotics are administered to animals in organic farming.

Organic Philosophy Starts in the Field – Why do we Need Analysis?
The European organic legislation regulates systematic and complete process control along the food chain. Laboratory results are an important basis for strategies and decisions, for example for cause studies or even callbacks. With our analytical service GALAB pesticides 500Plus® BNN and further analyses relevant for product or process, you receive the safety which is essential for a high-quality organic product. We are accredited as monitoring laboratory by the German BNN for all product groups: fruit and vegetables, cereals, oilseeds, tea and spices.
Sometimes contaminations may occur post-harvest, during storage, transport or processing. Our numerous analytical services ensure safety of your process control.

We Are There For You – Far Beyond Analytics!
Your queries regarding analytical results are handled by our customer support and clarified directly with you. But we do not leave you out in the rain, if you have any questions or problems beyond analytical results: With our service Consulting Organic Foods we offer support and advice for any questions or problems about organic farming, trading and production. We support you in implementing all product requirements, starting from cultivation until the final, ready-packed product. We solve organic challenges – quickly, competently and above all sustainable!

Our Services
Safe sampling and traceability Turkey / China
Dried fruits & Nuts
Pesticides 500Plus® BNN fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, cereals, nuts, oilseeds, oil
Pestizide 500Plus® BNN complex matrices (e.g. for tea, herbs, spices, cocoa, coffee)
Phosphonic acid and Fosetyl
Heavy metals
Allergens und labelling (also for bulk products)
Legal advice
Consulting Organic Foods


23.09.2015 | At its last meeting, the German BNN has decided to release a public state­ment on the application of the BNN orientation value for biphenyl and anthraquinone detected in organic herbs, spices, herbal teas and tea. read more

25.08.2015 | Effective of 1th July 2015, the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) has modified interim levels for residues of perchlorate in dried herbal and fruit infusions. read more

Tropane Alkaloids
07.07.2015 | With a monitoring programme, the EU would like to collect further data on the presence of tropane alkaloids in food. read more

Our Team at the New Site
03.07.2015 | A couple of years ago, in 2010, we decided to establish a crucial analytical component for control of food quality and safety – our microbiology department. more

18.06.2015 | Once more, frozen strawberries and berries are subject to a recall campaign. Noroviruses in strawberries from Egypt were detected. read more

Inorganic Arsenic
18.06.2015 | For the determination of inorganic arsenic in food, GALAB offers the new DIN procedure. more

20.05.2015 | We have considered current developments and have included two further parameters into our pesticide multi methods GALAB Pesticides 500Plus® for you. more

17.04.2015 | Labelling of ingredients and processing aids containing allergens is compulsory for bulk goods according to the new food information regulation (regulation (EU) No 1169/2011). read more

18.03.2015 | Since 16.03.2015, new interim levels for perchlorate are applied in the EU, which were defined by the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (StALuT) on 10th of March 2015. read more

Adjustments as of December 2014
22.10.2014 | As of 13th December 2014, EU Council regulation (EC) 1169/2011 (regarding the information of consumers about the food product) substitutes the nutritional and labelling regulations currently in force. read more

Vegetables, Herbs & Spices
04.07.2014 | Findings of ESBL (extended-spectrum beta-lactamases) germs are not only restricted to meat and cold cuts. In foods of plant origin like vegetables, herbs and spices resistant germs were detected. read more