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Oils and Fats
Valuable Fats and Oils
Fruits and seeds of various plants supply valuable oils and fats for our nutrition. The large range of products offers various possibilities for the use in preparing meals. When roasting, baking, deep frying or for dressings, oils and fats are used as a source of energy and flavour carrier and supply essential fatty acids.
Gentle Production
The polyunsaturated fatty acids which are so valuable for our nutrition are not thermally stable. Therefore vegetable fats and oils are frequently cold pressed to maintain the composition of fatty acids. We support you as a producer, importer or trader in assessing the quality of your products.
Content Analysis
Quality and authenticity of fats and oils are characterised by the analysis of specific fat parameters and compounds as well as sensory parameters. Undesired components like erucic acid or trans fatty acids and residues of contaminants (e.g. PAH, dioxins, plasticisers) can be ruled out for sure by analysis.
Legal Assessment
In the assessment of your products we rely on general legal requirements as well as on specific requirements which apply to olive oil, cocoa butter, margarine and mixed fat products.