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Labelling of Bulk Goods in Germany
17.04.2015 | Labelling of ingredients and processing aids containing allergens is compulsory for bulk goods according to the new food information regulation (regulation (EU) No 1169/2011). Therefore allergenic ingredients have to be labelled even at bakers, butchers or restaurants. Consumption of food "on the go" is facilitated for sensitive consumers with this new regulation.

The manner of labelling of unpacked bulk goods for consumers is left to the member states. In Germany the Federal Ministry for Nutrition and Agriculture (BMEL) has defined allergen labelling of bulk goods with the provisional food information supplementary regulation (VorlLMIEV). According to this regulation, information concerning the 14 major allergens has to be documented by companies in written form. According to ยง2 (2) of VorlLMIEV, this information has to be labelled conspicuously, easily visible and legible

1. on a label on the food product or a sign close to the food product,
2. for the commercial supply of food for immediate consumption by providers of catering
    on food or drinks menues or on price lists,
3. by a notice in the places of sale or
4. by other written or electronic notices supplied by food producing companies which are
    easily accessible in a direct manner for consumers and suppliers of catering.

Oral information by trained staff has to be based on written information and a respective notice for the consumer has to be displayed in a clearly visible and legible manner.

provisional food information supplementary regulation in German (VorlLMIEV)

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