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Milk - Dairy Products - Milk Powder
Human milk and cows' milk differ in their content of oligosaccharides. In human milk the oligosaccharides are present mainly in the free form, in cows' milk they are mainly bound to proteins. Oligosaccharides are important for the development of the human intestinal flora (prebiotics). Oligosaccharides containing sialic acid furthermore encourage the development of the central nervous system.

Sialic Acid Assay for Milk Powder
Especially for early childhood development sialic acid containing carbohydrates are important. With the GlycoImage-Sialic Acid Assay you can determine the sialic acid activity of your milk powder compared to a reference standard (e.g. human milk or cows' milk). Sialic acid is easily split off during the processing of milk powder.

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