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Microorganisms in food may be useful or harmful. The application of technologically useful bacteria is known in the processing of various foods like dairy products but also in the beverage industry. But microorganisms are also indicators for spoilage or inadequate hygiene during food processing.

EU regulation 2073/2005 issues mandatory microbiological criteria for food. Additionally, the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) has published guidance and warning values for the microbial contamination of food.

Quantification and detection of microorganisms is achieved using cultivation methods. For the determination of pathogenic organisms real time PCR often offers a quick alternative method. Identification and confirmation uses microscopic, biochemical and serological methods.


Our Team at the New Site
03.07.2015 | A couple of years ago, in 2010, we decided to establish a crucial analytical component for control of food quality and safety – our microbiology department. read more

18.06.2015 | Once more, frozen strawberries and berries are subject to a recall campaign. Noroviruses in strawberries from Egypt were detected. read more

Vegetables, Herbs & Spices
04.07.2014 | Findings of ESBL (extended-spectrum beta-lactamases) germs are not only restricted to meat and cold cuts. In foods of plant origin like vegetables, herbs and spices resistant germs were detected. read more

Microbiological Quality Assurance
16.11.2011 | As a consequence to EHEC findings in fenugreek seeds in 2011 the QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (Quality and Safety Ltd.) will introduce an additional guideline "Preparation fruits, vegetables and potatoes". read more