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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
Green Genetic Engineering
There is hardly a food topic that is more emotionally discussed than genetic engineering. Over the years the negative attitude of consumers and insufficient legislation led to a genetic engineering moratorium in the EU. Despite comprehensive legal requirements concerns are still predominant in regard to biodiversity, uncontrolled hybridisation and the coexistence with conventionally and organically produced foods.

Traceability and Labelling
The EU has regulated registration, labelling and traceability of GMO in food and feeding stuff in the regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. Use of GMO in food has to be labelled even if no longer detectable in the final product. A threshold value of 0.9% applies to adventitious, technically unavoidable GMO in food and feed. We support you in controlling the whole chain: starting with the analysis of feeding stuff and seeds up to the final product.

Molecular methods have prevailed for the determination of GMO. Specific detection methods which allow for identification of GMO have to be submitted for registration in Europe. GALAB is using these EU validated and internationally approved methods. Determination on a DNA level is very reliable and GMO screening is ideally suited for the quality control of your raw material. Contact us, we are happy to explain scope and services of our GMO department.