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Fish and Crustaceans
Unauthorised Veterinary Drugs
Application of Chloramphenicol (CAP) and nitrofuranes is forbidden according to EU regulation 2377/90 Annex IV. In Asian aquacultures these veterinary drugs are applied yet again as publications of the Rapid Alert System (Rapid Alert Report 2008) show.

NRKP2008 Focuses on Malachite Green
According to BVL (German Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety) Malachite green was yet again detected more frequently in aquaculture (trout, carp). Malachite green is effective against certain parasites and fungal diseases of fish, but application in the EU is not allowed for food producing fish.

Minor Toxicity of Organic Arsenic Compounds
Marine organisms accumulate arsenic from sea water. Toxic inorganic arsenic is metabolised to organic arsenic compounds. According to scientific publications these are considered non-toxic. When analysing fish and fish oil for total arsenic it is therefore important to consider the form of arsenic present.

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