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Feeding Stuff
Legal Requirements
Since 2005 feeding stuff is legally equivalent to food. Therefore the use of undesired substances in animal nutrition and of veterinary drugs in feed are regulated in this area. GALAB is your partner for residue analysis in grower feeds and pet food.

Contamination of Food
Carry-over of pharmacologically active substances is one of the most common causes for contaminated food of animal origin, especially of meat, fish, milk, eggs and honey. These technically inevitable residues are a result of processes in the feed production or of a specific application on the animal. We check feed and food for you to ensure that safety is also certainty.

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Veterinary drugs


Tropane Alkaloids
07.07.2015 | With a monitoring programme, the EU would like to collect further data on the presence of tropane alkaloids in food. read more

High Amount of Mycotoxins Discovered in Feed
01.03.2013 | Today it was notified that at least 10,000 to of corn feed were brought into circulation which were contaminated with the mycotoxin Aflatoxin B1. Farms in seven federal States of Germany - mainly Lower Saxony - were supplied with this feed.
read more