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Contamination and Carry-over
In a publication regarding the national residue monitoring plan 2008 the German Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) points out residues of coccidiostats in eggs. The application of coccidiostats for laying hens is not allowed. In poultry farming coccidiostats are administered against intestinal parasites. These findings in eggs are due to unavoidable carry-over from the feed production. In the EU council directive 124/2009 new maximum limits for coccidiostats were specified.

Nicotine residues in eggs are according to the German BVL a result of an application of a non-authorised preparation containing nicotine for pest control. Eggs containing residues of nicotine must not be placed on the market.

The BVL report states that organochlorine compounds (PCB, dioxins) are ubiquitous in the environment and present in every single egg. These compounds are ingested with feed and accumulate in the fat tissue of animals and eggs respectively. According to results of the national residue monitoring plan 2008 eggs from free range animals had a higher contamination with dioxins than eggs from cage reared animals or eggs produced according to the EU directive for organic products.

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