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Checks on Labelling
What kind of information is required on the packaging of a food product? What state­ments are not permitted? The jungle through the specific legislation is hard to see through.

Basis for checks on labelling is the new EU food information regulation, which is in force since December 2014. This regulation defines any information on a specific food product, which has or can be made available for the consumer. Legislation on nutritional values and labelling, which were in force so far are replaced by the new regulation.

Especially advertisements very often lead to disputes if specific properties are highlighted. When is it fraud? When does a functional property have to be substantiated?

Play it safe! Have your packagings and labels checked at GALAB. We have the experts who will help you through the legislative jungle.

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17.04.2015 | Labelling of ingredients and processing aids containing allergens is compulsory for bulk goods according to the new food information regulation (regulation (EU) No 1169/2011). read more

Adjustments as of December 2014
22.10.2014 | As of 13th December 2014, EU Council regulation (EC) 1169/2011 (regarding the information of consumers about the food product) substitutes the nutritional and labelling regulations currently in force. read more