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β-Agonists Standard Solution
Clenbuterol in Meat
Alkylphenols Standard Solution
Antibiotics Trimethoprim in Honey
Antiparasitics Fish
Arsenic compounds Rice, Fish and Algae
Benzimidazole Muscle
Broad-spectrum antibiotics Chloramphenicol in Butter
Chloramphenicol in Honey
Chloramphenicol in Milk
Chloramphenicol in Shrimp
Determination of Chloramphenicol and Nitrofuran Metabolites in Honey and Beeswax
Cefalosporins Milk
Cefalexin in Milk
Quinolones Egg
Ciprofloxacin in Milk
Chlorbenzole Standard Solution
Chlorophenols Standard Solution
Dioxins Dioxins goes QuEChERS
Organohalogene Pesticides Standard Solution
Imidazoles Milk
Ronidazol in Meat
Ccoccidiostats Salinomycin in Standard Solution
Feeding Stuff
Lasalocid in Egg
Clopidol in Egg
Nicarbazin in Egg Phospholipids
Nicarbazin in Egg
Validation and Determination of Vet Drug Residues in Food and Feeding Stuff considering as Example of Coccidiostats by LC-MS-MS
Macrolide Antibiotics Erythromycin in Honey
Mineral Oil MOSH/MOAH Influence of Endogenous n-Alkanes on the Determination
of MOSH and MOAH in Food of Plant Origin
Mycotoxins New Developments in the Analysis of Mycotoxins in
Cereal-Based Food
Nitrofuran Metabolites Poultry
AOZ in Honey
Estrogens / Phytoestrogens Standard Solution
PAH Standard Solution
EC und EPA PAK in Milchprodukten und Nahrungsfetten
Penicillins Milk
Pesticides Development and Validation of a Sensitive and Fast Analytical Method for the Determination of Glyphosate, Glufosinate and AMPA in Commodities of Plant Origin
Der Fall Glyphosat: Megaseller-Pestizid ohne robustes Nachweisverfahren?
S19, QuEChERS, Polar Pesticides -
Is There Anything Methodological Left for Research?

Analysis of neonicotinoid pesticides in dried plant materials -
the effects of different quantification strategies
Mercury Compounds Standard Solution
Steroids Analysis of selected Steroids and Stilbenes
Sudan Dyes Standard Solution
Chili Oil