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  1. Allergens
    1. Egg
    2. Peanut
    3. Fish
    4. Cereals containing Gluten
    5. Crustaceans
    6. Lupine
    7. Milk/Lactose
    8. Nuts
    9. Sulphur Dioxide
    10. Celery
    11. Mustard
    12. Sesame
    13. Soy
    14. Molluscs

Thermally Stable
Fish are also foods which frequently cause allergies in Europe and are therefore subject to labelling requirements. In many fish species thermally stable proteins such as parvalbumines were identified as a trigger of allergic reactions. As a result, allergens remain even after preparation and have to be avoided by persons with allergies. Furthermore fish proteins have a strong allergenic potency so that even very low concentrations may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people.

Highly Sensitive
The determination of fish is carried out by molecular DNA analysis at GALAB. We use highly sensitive real time PCR methods including specific probes for verification. With this analysis it is feasible to identify fish components in processed or compound foods and to determine certain species.