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Toys are manufactured with various raw materials. Again and again there are reports on contaminated toys: undesired plasticisers, nitrosamines, nickel or allergenic fragrances are just a few examples.

In June 2009 the EU has updated the regulation on safety of toys (2009/48/EC, toys regulation). Already since July 2011, the manufacturer or importer warrants for the technical safety of toys placed on the market. Since July 2013 the second part of the toys regulation is in force which defines maximum limits for applied chemicals.

The new regulation bans cancerogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances (CMR substances) in toys. The maximum limits for nickel, allowed PAHs and CMR substances were lowered. Newly included are organic tin compounds. 55 allergenic fragrances are banned completely, 11 have to be declared.

The stricter arrangements in Germany remain in force for the time being.

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