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Sanitary Products
Sanitary articles are designed to get into contact with skin. Consumers react highly sensitive when it comes
to the topic baby nappies, especially when there are reports about undesired contaminants. The require­ments for product safety have become much stricter in recent years. Thus, apart from functional properties of the product, focus of consumer interest is also on residues.

Currently there is much discussion about many substances of the ECHA-SVHC candidates list and about the attempt to include newly proposed substances by ECHA (Consultations on proposals for identification of SVHC) but also about the SIN list. We would like to offer our support with our analytical service spectrum We check your products, for example for N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMAC), DMF, Bisphenol A, F and S and phthalates.

We support you with all your questions concerning residue testing of sanitary products or their raw materials. Because of our international network we serve suppliers from all over the world. In addition GALAB is an active member of EDANA (European Disposables and Nonwoven Association).