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Cardboard and Paper Packaging
Paper and cardboard are important materials for food packaging. Packaging must not adversely affect the contained food. General requirements of EU regulation 1935/2004 state that no substances must migrate into food which are hazardous for human health, and no unacceptable changes in the composition of food or of organoleptic properties must take place. In addition, specific requirements for paper and cardboard with food contact are described in the BfR recommendation XXXVI (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).

Recycling of raw materials is of great importance for the production of paper and cardboard packaging. The aim of the German packaging regulation VerpackV is the recycling of 60 % of packaging waste made of paper and cardboard. To avoid impacts on the environment hazardous and dangerous substances in packaging materials like heavy metals, for example, are therefore limited.
Further substances which may be present as components of printing dyes or adhesives are also relevant for the production of recycled packaging. The BfR defines limits for the migration of hazardous substances which may be introduced into the food by paper recycling – like phthalates, Bisphenol A, primary aromatic amines and Anthraquinone.

We check your products for residues of undesired substances. We have a broad range of validated, highly sensitive analytical methods ready for you. Whether an olfactory or taste alteration of the packed food has taken place is determined by a sensory analysis of your packaging or food. In addition with a microbiological analysis of your product, you take no chances and play it safe for the future.


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