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Determination of Organic Tin Compounds
Since 1990 GALAB has been analysing metal organic compounds. The developed methods were applied for national and international standardisation methods and for the certification of reference materials. The methods are validated for food stuffs, consumer products and environmental samples. We prove the efficiency of our accredited analytical methods by regular European interlaboratory tests.

Outline of Determination
The method identifies and quantifies organic tin compounds of the structure RnSn(4-n)+
(R = butyl, n=1 to 4; R = octyl, n=1 to 2; R = phenyl, n = 3; R = tricyclohexyl, n =1) in various matrices. Textiles, carpets, sanitary products or baby nappies are extracted according to the EDANA protocol and the substances are safely quantified using capillary gas chromatography and AED detector.