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New Draft Regulations for Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil Residues in Food Packaging
30.09.2014 | The current draft of BMEL (Federal Ministry for Nutrition and Agriculture) for modification of the consumer goods regulation provides maximum limits for mineral oil residues in food packaging for the first time. According to this draft, food contact materials made of recycled cardboard and paper are subject to the following maximum limits for MOSH and MOAH:

Packaging for dried non-fatty foodstuff
      MOSH C16 - C2524 mg/kg packaging
      MOAH C16 - C256 mg/kg packaging.

Packaging for all other foodstuff
      MOSH C16 - C3524 mg/kg packaging
      MOAH C16 - C356 mg/kg packaging.

When the maximum limits in the packaging materials cited above are exceeded, a packaging may still be placed on the market, if the following migration values for food are not exceeded:
      MOSH C20 - C352 mg/kg foodstuff
      MOAH C16 - C350.5 mg/kg foodstuff.

In this case, documents describing the conditions of use and results of migration testing, calculations including model calculations, other analyses or any other grounds for conformity of the packaging have to be supplied.

MOSH Black Tea (Cleanup)MOAH Black Tea

At GALAB, we analyse MOSH/MOAH in foodstuff, as well as food simulants and consumer goods. With our method of determination all currently relevant mineral oil compounds are covered.
For content and migration testing, you can rely on GALAB as your competent partner.

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