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Industrial Products
The European chemicals regulation REACH (1907/2006) defines registration, assessment, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. The European chemicals agency ECHA was founded for the management of chemicals and organises and monitors the REACH process. Substances causing a very high concern according to the REACH regulation are listed in the SVHC candidates list of ECHA. SVHC (substances of very high concern) are classified as particularly hazardous for people and environment since they are e.g. carcinogenic, mutagenic or extremely persistent and bioaccumulative. A further project, the SIN list is being pushed by NGOs. According to the REACH regulation dangerous chemicals with endocrine active substances are identified to facilitate replacement of these substances with harmless alternatives.

Nonwovens are fibres of various kinds which are used in abundance for consumer goods and industrial products. These nonwovens are used in sanitary products, baby nappies or cosmetic products, but also for filtration materials. As an active member of EDANA, GALAB is your partner laboratory for residue analysis in raw materials and industrial products like nonwovens.

Further Raw Materials
We are your partner for residue analysis of any substance in starting materials for com­modity goods like fibres, glues, hotmelts, dyes, pigments, plastic films and super absor­bers (SAP). To assess your products, we have highly sensitive analytical methods to rule out contamination, e.g. with N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMAC), DMF, phthalates, tinorganic compounds or short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP).