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Consumer Durables
Everyday Objects
We come into contact with many objects of everyday life. There are many contact options, e.g. with skin. Therefore gymnastic mats, bathing shoes or massage gloves should not release harmful substances upon contact with sweat or saliva. The same applies to objects we touch like garden hoses or handles.

Our nose detects scents of surrounding consumer durables. The range extends from the pleasant intended smells of a flower potpourri to the unpleasant chemical smells of some plastic products. The unpleasant smells are not necessarily caused by harmful substan­ces. GALAB analyses allergenic fragrant substances for you, musk compounds or residues of undesired substances in recreational products and consumer durables of all kinds.


PAH in Consumer Goods
06.10.2014 | Carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) were determined in recent years in toys as well as in consumer goods. more