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Commodity Goods
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Every day we come into contact with various materials with an unknown composition. Consumers assume that they do not contain any hazardous or allergenic substances.

Widely Talked About
We often hear about reports on harmful substances in toys or textiles for infants. Some­times plasticisers are concerned, sometimes heavy metals. The damage caused by a call-back is usually disproportional to an investment in product testing.

Safety Comes First
Testing of product samples, continuous quality assurance of production processes or new developments – contact us, we check your goods for residues according to your specifi­cation and current legislation. We are happy to advise you on placement of new products on the European market.


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10.10.2014 | Sensory testing is defined as an analysis using human senses. Apart from chemical-physical tests, sensory tests are an important tool for quality assurance and quality control of foods and their packaging. more