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Quality Management
GALAB Laboratories has implemented a quality management system to allow for optimum service for their customers. It is our goal to establish close relations to customers by customer satisfaction. Therefor quick reactions to customers' specific needs as well as considerations for quality demands of the market are necessary. We strive to provide comprehensive and professional advice to our customers.
Therefor suitably qualified personnel is one requirement. GALAB ensures this by internal and external training measures thus providing the basis for the necessary expertise of its staff at all times.
GALAB Laboratories is an accredited laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Our customers invariably expect accurate results. The reproducibility of the results within the lab is ensured by an extensive quality documentation
The accuracy of results of our analytical methods is guaranteed through the measurement of certified reference materials, regular participation in ring / proficiency tests and EU certification studies for reference materials. The application of a management system allows for continuous progression by constant optimisation of internal processes.
With these process optimisations we ensure that our customers receive their results as quickly as possible. On top of that, we are also able to increase the productivity of our lab and minimise claims.
Apart from routine analysis, the development of new analytical methods is an integral part at GALAB: The accuracy of newly developed detection methods is ensured through validation of the methods. GALAB Laboratories is a member in various standardisation bodies. This commitment and scientific publications characterise the significance of research and development at GALAB.
Continuous internal audits by the quality manager and inspection by the management ensure that our quality management system is perfect for our quality objectives and the outlined quality policy.