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GALAB is Hamburg's 1000th Environmental Partner
03.07.2015 | On 30th June, GALAB was honored as environmental partner of the city of Hamburg by Jens Kerstan, senator for environment and energy. With our innovative concept for regulation of cooling and hea­ting employing an ice storage unit, our company makes a valuable contribution to the protection of environ­ment and climate control. Our annual emission of CO2 has decreased by 70 tons.

"Energy is for free – but not its conversion", says our CEO Dr. Eckard Jantzen, "trendsetting and resource-saving energy management demands courageous solutions. We found one of the best solutions with our ice storage unit."

Josef Katzer, president of the Chamber of Commerce, emphasises the good cooperation between the dif­ferent partners. The workshop Rudolf Adam KG has contributed to the facility for temporary storage of cold and heat.

The project was subsidised by the urban sponsorship project "Unternehmen für Resourcenschutz" (compa­nies for the protection of resources) and is one of the largest ice storage units in Europe used for a private company. Due to the ice storage unit with its capacity for 1000 cubic metre drinking water, the employed heat pump and heat recovery ventilation, the demand on the heating and cooling capacity of our building can be reduced by 59% compared to conventional heating and air conditioning techniques.

Target of the environmental partnership programme are innovative companies who – next to their core business - voluntarily optimise the companies in regard to resource manage­ment and climate protection. In this manner, more than 45 million of operating expenses could be saved during the last 12 years. Because of the scheme "Unternehmen für Re­sourcenschutz" (Companies for resource management) the annual emission of CO2 was decreaed by 282.000 tons.

More info on our ice storage unit
Press release (in German)

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