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Our Team at the new Site - Students and Interns at GALAB
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Expert Support and a Friendly Working Atmosphere
05.11.2014 | GALAB has a long tradition of training young people. Currently, there are approx. 20 students and interns on site who are eager to gain some work experience and at the same time prepare for their study thesis. Whether it is a practical work place­ment, bachelor, master or Ph.D. thesis, our students are fully integrated into the different departments and are happy to work on optimisation of methods and development of new analytical processes. In addition, students of a food chemistry degree can complete the practical part of their course for their 2nd state exam.

Many students recommend GALAB to their fellow students. Like Katarina, biotechnology student at HAW Hamburg, who prepares her master thesis at GALAB: "The working atmosphere is very friendly and if I have questions, there is always someone to help and support." Anton agrees: "Whenever I have a question, I can turn to my supervisor."

With our corporate training seminar, the students have a platform to present their results and a lively exchange of views within the team is encouraged. A win-win situation for both parties. "During the monthly seminar, you get to know how far the other students are with their thesis", says Nele, who prepares for her bachelor thesis at GALAB. At the same time GALAB staff gain an overview of current topics and latest developments.

We are looking forward to many more versatile personalities and thank all our students for their interest in our company.

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