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Molecular Biology Department
17.08.2015 | State-of-the-art and innovative techniques fuel GALAB's development. In 2007, we therefore decided to upgrade our analytical portfolio and to establish molecular biological methods for analysis of food.

Using molecular biological methods, it is possible to identify allergens, genetically modified organisms (GMO) or animal and plant species in food and feed. These analyses enable minimisation of health hazards for specific consumers like allergics and help discover food fraud. Unlabelled horsemeat in lasagne does not stand a chance anymore!

After the move to Hamburg-Bergedorf, we were able to provide spacious, separate laboratory areas for our molecular biology and microbiology – perfect conditions for your samples and our team in this growing field.

After accurate sample preparation of your products, your samples reach our molecular biology lab with Petra and Oxana. Both of them are well trained and very fit in extracting DNA from various materials. The DNA – unique for each species – is our analyte when determining GMO and allergens. Our method of choice is the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Apart from PCR, we also employ other protein-based methods, e.g. ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) to reliably detect allergens.

Natascha and Oxana eagerly await results. Evaluation and interpretation of results require their experience. Exciting projects in search of contaminations define their work as well as routine controls of production.

For any questions referring to molecular biology and its legal background, our expert Dr. Alexandra Hahn is at your disposal.

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