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The Geesthacht Analytical Laboratory (GALAB) was founded in 1992 on the premises of GKSS-Research Centre by the shareholders Dr. Eckard Jantzen, Dr. Jürgen Kuballa, Dr. Maximilian Hempel (until 2000) and Dr. Holger Hintelmann (until 1998).
Research into the determination of organic tin and organic mercury compounds in the environment and in food provided a sound base for the start-up business. Today the company is world leader for the analyses of arsenic compounds.
Growth through innovation characterises the company during the years after its founding. GALAB focuses as one of the first private laboratories on tandem mass spectrometry. The initial basic methods for the determination of pharmaceutical drugs in environment and food were researched and established.
GALAB developed to one of Germany´s leading address for sophisticated laboratory services. National and international customers rely on GALAB and our expertise. Our customers use our Certificates of Analysis as means for improving tradability of their products.