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Pectin/Galacturonic Acid
Pectins are polysaccharides with a high water binding capacity. Therefore typical appli­cations for pectins are as gelling agents for jams and marmalades. Pectins consist of linear chains of galacturonic acid which may be further branched via rhamnose and further monosaccharides. Galacturonic acid is present in its free or methylated form. Pectins are gained from peels of citrus fruits, but also from apple or beet remains.

By choice of raw materials and processing various pectin types with differing properties and application areas can be manufactured.

We offer a broad range of analyses for the characterisation of pectins. Apart from deter­mining various soluble and insoluble pectin fractions, we analyse degree of methylation as well as the content of galacturonic acid (pectic content).