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Drug Analysis
Your Partner for analysis of drug residues
Water (drinking water, surface water, and sewage effluents) is the sampling matrix that is analyzed. The method makes it possible to quantitatively analyze traces of drugs with a GC-MSD after enrichment on solid phases and derivatization in the lower scope of ng/L.

The evaluation is executed exclusively with internal norms. The detection limits have been determined basing on DIN 32645 and are settled in the range of 5-20 ng/L for all analyts.

At the moment GALAB develops a method for analysis of traces of drugs from water samples with a LC-MS-MS. The advantages of this measuring procedure are:

  •    · no derivatization necessary
  •    · determination of high polar or complex compounds like antibiotics possible
  •    · low sensitivity for matrix influences
  •    · low detection limits in samples from sewerage works compared to the
         GC-MSD method
  •    · determination of compounds which are not detectable with the GC-MSD
         method (like phenazone and derivatives for example)
GALAB is doing studies on the field of pharmacokinetic.

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