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Protection against Chloramphenicol in Food
GALAB Laboratories detects residues at lowest levels
Lasting product warranty can only be ensured by exact analysis, with which the products are checked for the content of chloramphenicol before entering the market. Another problem are the media reports concerning the illegal adding of drugs for increasing production in the intensive livestock forming. These messages are not only limited to cattle breeding, pig mast or chicken farms, also the breeding of sea animals such as shrimps or squids are concerned. In China and Thailand for example the antibiotic chloramphenicol is given automatically to breedings of shrimps. But also products from such countries like Skandinavia and Germany often show residues of the harmful antibiotic, which is prohibited in the european community. Chloramphenicol damages the marrow irreversibly, moreover it promotes the formation of multi-resistances of pathogens.

In the whole EU a zerotolerance limit is valid
In 1994 a zero tolerance limit has been established in Europe for chloramphenicol in food. This means that the entire lot must be taken from the market in case that the antibiotic is detected in food, even at trace concentrations. As a result of this, not only high costs are caused, but also the confidence of the consumers is lastingly damaged.

Responsibility of the importers
The guidelines of residues from the Federal Institute for Customer Protection and Veterinary medicine states by law, that the producer and importer have to prove that the animals from their farms or the commodies which were given to his farm have no traces of the forbidden compounds. But only a few laboratories have the necessary knowledge und required instruments for the analysis of chloramphenicol at such low levels.

GALAB Laboratories certificates purity of the products
GALAB Laboratories has developed a reliable measurement technique specially for the detemination of chloramphenicol, with which the compound can be detected at even smallest concentrations. With the assistance of the LC-MS-MS - a modern liquid chromatography with tandem mass-spectrometry- amounts smaller than 0.05 µg/kg can be analysed. People who want to have the purity of their productscertified at extreme low determination limits from an independent laboratory, ensure themselves an advantage of competition on the market. A reliable check of the products ensures a high level of production security and a lasting confidence of the customers can be kept. Numerous renowned companies in the food sector have their products already checked by GALAB Laboratories, which has a 10 year experience in this field of analysis. For internal controls and continous check of the analytical methods GALAB Laboratories employs a quality manager (DGQ), who ensures the high quality of the analysis made by GALAB.

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