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Sec. Plant Substances
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are secondary plant sub­stances synthesised in a number of plants for their protection against feeding enemies. One of the most prominent representatives is ragwort. Plants contai­ning pyrrolizidine alkaloids grow as weeds between cereals, herbs and tea. more

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Approximately half a year ago, GALAB moved from Geesthacht to Hamburg-Bergedorf. Our team and analytical equipment have found their footing in our spacious offices and state-of-the-art laboratories. Our number of samples as well as our analytical spectrum have increased in relation to the growing demands of our customers. more
The current draft of BMEL (Federal Ministry for Nutri­tion and Agriculture) for modification of the consumer goods regulation provides maximum limits for mineral oil residues in food packa­ging for the first time. more

Consulting Organic Foods
At GALAB we have many years of experience in the organic and whole food area by working in close cooperation with our organic customers. more


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